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In flight Electrical Power! Genesys is the first practical generator for model engines. It is basically an inside-out alternator. Weighing only about 5.5 ounces (156g) the base system can provide up to 800 mA at 4.8VDC, more than enough to run the complete radio system and servos and still charge the receiver battery. It can run a number of 4.8V accessories that would be impractical on battery power alone. The generator also maintains voltage, helping servo response. As long as the engine is running you have unlimited operational time!

It is possible to enhance the system performance. By adding additional coils, the system output can be doubled or tripled. Each coil can yield about 4 watts. We can also modify the CCU for 13.5VDC (instead of 4.8VDC) accessory power, allowing you to run video or other 12V equipment, while providing 4.8V or 6.0V power to the radio.

For custom Alternator systems for Military and commercial applications, follow this link.

By varying ring size, making custom brackets and modifying the CCU as needed we are able to produce lightweight, reliable power for cameras, avionics, navigation and radio equipment.

We have also developed a number of accessories for the Genesys system. All are designed to run on 4.8V, and can run with either Genesys or a 4.8V battery pack providing power. These accessories include realistic Navigation lights, special Night Flying lights, Landing Lights, a Glow Plug Driver and an R/C switch for any of the accessories. All plug directly into Genesys's CCU or into a 4.8V battery pack.

Genesys will work well on most aircraft, .40-.60 size helicopters and many boats.




GENESYS consists of  a magnet ring, a Transformer Coil and the electrical control system called the CCU. The Magnet Ring simply slips onto the prop shaft behind the prop and/or spinner. It takes up only 1/16" of engine shaft.

The Transformer Coil clamps under the engine using only three screws. The universal clamps will fit most engines .25 to 1.20; for odd or larger engines or for multiple coils, a coil mounting bracket will need to be fabricated. Also, large engines require a larger magnet ring.

The Coil plugs into the CCU. The CCU can be placed anywhere in the model. There is a Charge Indicator on the CCU and a Remote Charge Indicator, which can be located in any visible position on the model's exterior.

The CCU has five 4.8V accessory sockets and two 4.8V/6.0V battery spare sockets. The battery spare sockets are set to the receiver battery voltage. There is a port for the receiver battery and a 12" wire that plugs into the receiver.

The receiver battery is connected to the receiver at all times. As long as the engine is running above idle Genesys will charge the receiver battery and supply power to the radio and servos. In addition, the system can provide power to 4.8V accessories and maintain charge on a second 4.8V battery. As long as the engine is running, Genesys will power the radio even if the receiver battery pack fails -- in fact, the operational test is to start the engine, disconnect the battery (while holding the model securely) and test all radio functions.

All Genesys accessories are deigned to run on 4.8V from either Genesys or a 4.8V battery pack. We can modify the CCU for 12V accessory operation (maintaining the 4.8V/6.0V receiver voltage) if you wan to run 12V electronics such as a video camera.

To download Installation Instructions in pdf format,
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If you need more power, you can add a second coil. This will increase maximum power to 10 watts. This will require a new mounting bracket, which you will need to design and fabricate, as each engine is a little different. You can download a schematic for multiple coil hookup.

Servo Wire. This high quality 24 gauge three conductor servo wire is used in the various Genesys accessories. It is suitable for all other servo hookup applications. It is stranded tinned copper with standard color coding. 24 Feet. No. S671
R/C Switch. For any 4.8V accessory up to 5.0A. Draw less than 15 mA at 4.8V when "on". Automatically shuts off when signal is lost. Plug the 3 pin socket into receiver on any channel. Match red to positive, black/brown to negative and white/orange to signal. Plug the 2 pin male connector into a battery (maximum voltage 30V) with red to positive. Attach the output leads to the load. No. S664



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